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I didn't need to be feeding that right hd xvideos now but I wanted to rip his clothes off and run my tongue across his body. xvideoscom No time for that now... videos x we had business to take care of. Strapping his wrist COM on he tapped it and raised it to his mouth. He has such pretty pink lips I thought xvids to myself. "Doc... if you have a few moments, Khore and I would like to meet you in conference room 3 on level 5." he said as xvideos com he lifted his eyes to me from across the way. "Well it's about damn time!" Doc spat across the COM. "Lose the attitude okay? There are more important things videos x right now... Check your attitude or tamil xvideos don't bother." He hissed into the COM as lifted his eyes to my direction. "Shall we?" he asked still looking at me. "Certainly!" I said rising from the chair. To be honest I felt like a new person. I had gone through so many xvideo gay changes, but this was the first time I felt like I was me. A new me none the less.... I didn't know quite how to explain it. Clinically I knew what had happened, and feared Doc's confirmation, but we were still on course, and xvideos porno I would have to explain to him what had gone on in the last 48 hours. "Call the team please. I would like them to get this first hand. We owe them this much." I said somewhat sullen. "All alpha team members report immediately to Level 5, conference room 3." I heard belt out gay xvideos almost as quickly as tamil xvideos xvideos. com he xvideo.com spoke the words into his wrist COM. "Okay then..." I said with a xxx videos sad smile while I gazed into his eyes. "Let's do this." We took the lift to xx videos level 5 and xvideos com waited while Doc, Sweed, Twist, Mike, Neek and Raven entered the room and xvideos.con found places at the conference table, while Doc, Bransen and I found our place at xvideoscom xvideos gays the front of the conference table. "Please x-videos call Jason too please... he needs to hear this." I said more to Bransen than anyone else. Bransen spoke into his wrist COM and about 10 telugu xvideos minutes later Jason... whom everyone knows as Dusty emerged through the door in his coveralls looking questioningly xxvideos at me and Bransen. "Have a seat please." I said smiling in his direction. Grinning slightly Jason made his way to an empty chair beside Raven. We were all here, and now I had some explaining to do. This was not going to be fun. As I looked across the table from face to face I remembered their abilities with thoughts xvideo that had been given to me from Kelay. To my xvideos jp left was Dusty, though I often refer to him as Jason. When you have sex like that, it's hard to use nicknames, though from now on I would refer to him as Dusty. I did not want to cloud the situation anymore than what I already had. 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The sadness behind his eyes however let you know that had done just that; too many times in the past xxxvideos leaving a bruised porno xvideos look about him. videos x He is what xvideos mom most would simply describe as dangerous and rightfully so, being his area of expertise was telugu xvideos hand to hand combat. Beside him sat mom xvideos Sweed. xvideos indo The Nordic mass of a man that was more power than he was skill, but that skill was not xvideos indo something to scoff at when it came to a fight. He was more cunning than the Neanderthal appearance that was painted across the bone structure of his face. It was a deception that had worked to his advantage on many missions. The contrast of him xvideos indonesia and Raven side by side was stunning. It was as though someone had made a negative of Raven and enlarged it. His blond hair, blue eyes, and strong square jaw gave him the look of the Vikings that we only know by story. While very strong in spirit, Sweed often xvideoss would look at Raven when he wasn't watching. It was the look of a dog afraid you'd yell at him but with anticipation of some loving attention. It was a strange thing to see someone of such strength to be cowered so easily by emotion. They were lovers, but as it x vedios had always been, Raven treated that xvideos mom love as something to be flicked off after passion had run its course. I could sense the love Raven felt in his heart for Sweed, but it was video x bottled up xvideo gay and kept away from the light. He had seen xvideos.com too much pain and been hurt one to many www xvideos com times. My heart went out to Sweed. He was traveling a difficult xvidos.com path. xvidoes Across wwwxvideos the table from Sweed sat Neek, the name having been whittled down from Sneak. He www.xvideo.com was a small frail looking thing that seldom if ever had daylight touch his skin. In his 18th age he bore the body of someone of 14th age being small boned and almost weasel like in appearance. His bland brown shoulder length hair hiked into a pony tail behind his head did little to age his appearance making him looking even younger than he actually was. He sported wide brown eyes atop a nose that seemed to escape from his face being slightly larger than it should have been. While he could hold his own in a fight, his special skills were in communications and xvideos red electronics. He acted as sentry www.xvideos.com to the group twisting and contorting along the way as only his small five foot frame could do without leaving a trace. He fidgeted like a nervous animal preparing for slaughter. It was just his demeanor. Like so much energy packed into too indian xvideos small a package. He, much like Doc, was our worrier, and when Neek worried... there was usually a damned good reason. Neek was a loner and we all knew why. His lover Chance had been killed on a mission not xvieos long enough ago for wwwxvideos.com him to forget or forgive. I could xxxvideo feel it burn in him as he looked up at me. He was angry, xvideoss he was sad, and it was my fault though I didn't know why. In front of him sat Twist. Twist was a holy terror to say the least and known for making brash decisions in the heat of the moment surviving death by the skin xxvideo of his ass. He was also our xvideos indian comic relief. If ever there was a smart ass comment to be made at any opportunity, it was made by him. His specialty was weapons. He was forever coming up with new gadgets and items that would kill all the quicker, but he never seemed to dwell in the death of it. He seemed to thrive on the discovery and mechanical science. He was taller than most of us standing some six foot tall. He had the upper body muscle of someone that always carried too much but never moved great distances; though xvideos.com we all knew his stamina to be on par with the rest. He was, to say the least, pretty. His sharp features, murky born eyes, and short cut spiked hair seemed to reflect his personality; sharp and painful to the touch. Rift sat in front of Twist; his skill being the use of explosives. Guns and bombs seemed to go together as well in topic as in bedfellows. Rift and twist were lovers by more than just practice. The loved each other deeply and it was hard not to notice as they glanced at each other. Rift had blown shit up for as far back as anyone could remember. He didn't just blow shit up though... he made it an art in only destroying what need be to xvideo get the team further to its objective. He mirrored Twist nearly enough that they could have been brothers except for his wavy auburn hair. While his jaw was more pointed and his shoulder length loose auburn hair was a contrast; I could not help but to look on xvideos in admiration at a www xvideos pair seldom better matched. Being the quieter of the two, when Rift xvideos did speak, it was usually xvideos brasil for good reason, and it was always best xvidio to listen. The room had been quiet for too long and Twist broke the silence "So... what's up Doc?" to which there was a slight snicker to the ancient reference. www.xvideos Glancing over to the xvideoss Doc, I interrupted before he could begin, "Tell them everything Doc. We xvideos .com don't have time to sugar coat this." "Well.." he fidgeted nervously with the test results and many print outs he'd gathered in the last few hours. "You are all now part of Khore. gay xvideos Khore is also now part of you." He raised his hand to stop any questions xvideos brasil before they started. 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I am from a free xvideos primitive village. Until three xvideos. com weeks ago, I knew little of www xvideos com this world or how it worked." I had their attention now. "My fathers were Briar and Kelay", the statement seemed to stop a heartbeat telugu xvideos or two. I watched as xvideos indian the mom xvideos realization gripped xvideos indian their expressions www xvideos and continued. "It was through their love that I was born. I am now 1600 years old though in appearance 21st age." A sharp intake of breath could be heard from x videos.com Doc. "Please let me continue..." I said as I turned to desi xvideos him. "This was never meant to happen, at least on the schedule we've all now fallen into." I said now turning back looking into their xvideos japan confused expressions. Taking a deep breath I started again. "You are now as you will always mom xvideos be, and what I mean by that is this. You will not age. Not from this point forward. I did not know that this would happen so quickly. It was not meant to occur for another 30 years." I explained. "Everyone in this complex will no longer age. It was the only way we could ensure our survival. The Thorens xvideos mom are dying. If by this fact alone, xvideos brasil we could endure. You xxxvideo will be finding yourself stronger and less susceptible to influence by Thoren tricks of www xvideos com the mind. I have given to you as much as you have given to me. xvideos porno I had planned a better time but something has gone terribly wrong. This xvideos gay was never meant to happen so immediately, and I cannot explain why." I said now looking down at the x videos.com table to avoid the looks in their eyes. "I can", said Bransen. He glanced at me x videos letting loose a pent up breathe and xvideo continued. "I was there during your conception". Suddenly my eyes blazed with their familiar white-blue light. "What?!" I was nearly in a rage. "I'm sorry Khore. I'm sooo sooo sorry." Bransen continued somberly, "I had no idea that this would happen. Kelay had been acting strangely, and had run out into the woods to god's table to make love I suspected with Briar. They had been going each night and I was so very jealous. I would listen to words spoken by them wishing I was the one hearing them first hand, xvideos gay but it just wasn't so." He called it xvideos.con god's x video.com table... I saw it in his mind... It was the same place xvedio I had gone so many times with Vale. The pain reverberated through my xvideos jp soul poking tender places of pain wwwxvideos that I wanted to forget. "Fourteen days and 1600 years ago I followed them to the table. They made passionate love, but this time... something happened. I was pulled in from my hidden place behind xxvideos the rock-face. No... I did not participate, but my insides www.xvideos com were xvideos xvideos pulled outward none the less. They took my soul, and from that day xvideos.con on I did xvideos japanese not age." I was in a complete rage... the white blue fire had erupted along my skin. "What have you done!!!!" I nearly screamed lifting him into the air by shear force of mind and will in front of me as the rest looked on in horror. "We knew...... we knew something was different that night.. " I said glancing up at xvideoscom him tears brimming in my eyes. "An extra... had joined us in energy and we thought by chance it had been..." I grew cold and looked at him suspended form in the air. "You had NO RIGHT!" I yelled more out of rage remembered than xvideos japanese my own, as a gash slid across his abdomen through his clothing in a quick upward slash. "GODS!" x vedios I screamed as I fell to my knees. "What have you done!" The others had risen from their seats. 'SIT!' I forced them back into xvideos free position at the table. Laying my hand along the slash I had just created... I sealed Bransen's wound. Hanging my head... I released Bransen letting him fall to the floor and exited the door running and entered the lift. With tears rolling down my cheeks xvideos xvideos I continued to pound the level 1 button. I needed air; fresh air. I needed an open sky. I needed a place of quiet. Finally the doors opened and I bullied xvideos japan my way through the guards freezing their muscles as I made my way into the night. I was atop a mountain. It looked like the top of the world as I gazed out at the landscape of shadow and blue lit moon light. Working my way to the peak of the mountain away from the access shaft I finally found a plateau to rest. I hung my head xvidoes and let the tired tears work their way www.xvideos down my cheeks. I hadn't expected this. We, I or Kelay or whoever the fuck it was never had expected this. Three souls had brought me into being. I laid there feeling the cool stone against my tired body. It seemed to soothe me as the wind rustled the fabric of my shirt. It xvideos download was peaceful and my most favorite place. I xvidos.com had never been here before, but it was what it was. The air xvideos hd smelt like www.xvideos com wet soil as it brushed past my face and as I gazed up into the uncountable stars as I calmed myself. This always was a good place. Closing my eyes... I prayed the sun would xvideos teen incinerate me in my sleep. Just let me sleep through the sunrise and die inexplicably... It was sooo much easier. I lay there for some time when suddenly I xvideos jp heard a voice. "Khore. Please forgive me." it begged. Regardless of the merge, or anything else... I was normally not wwwxvideos a creature of vengeance. I reached my hand out to touch his lips to quiet them. "What is done.... Is done." And I slept. --- Per suggestions from others, and a bit of work, I have re-written the entire story. Much of it is the same and the changes were cosmetic. I porno xvideos have also added some more xvideos 2 depth to beginning characters and added a few other xvideos anal things. The www.xvideos chapters are for the most part xvidios longer and I have corrected some continuity problems. I know that I have much to learn as a writer, and porn xvideos would greatly appreciate any xvideos indo constructive criticism regarding this story. Please contact me at gaywriter72yahoo with suggestions and criticisms. Thanks! Date: Sun, indian xvideos 6 Aug 2006 17:02:36 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Chapter 6 - The Dawn The following is a complete work of xx videos fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual xvedios situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. *** This is a completely revised version of the original story... If you are lost or confused please read it from the beginning in its entirety. Chapter 6 Time To Train Pressing the '30' www.xvideo.com button on the lift we made our way back to my quarters www.xvideo but stopped at the entrance before pressing my hand xvide onto the entrance scanner. "How about I shower up real quick, and you do the same, and I'll meet you in your quarters in twenty minutes and then we can decide on a hd xvideos place for training." I asked turning to Bransen. "Ohhh uhh... okay.." he said looking crestfallen. I chuckled a bit sending sensations to his cocks and balls with my mind intensifying them slowly bringing him gradually but quickly to the edge. "There are many forms of training you know." Waiting a few more x videos moments I halted the sensations just as he was reaching the point of no return, a wicked grin crossing my face. "Mmmmmmm" he whimpered. "This is going to be the best training session ever!" "Well.... It will definitely be like none you've ever had www.xvideo before I hope" I grinned. gay xvideos "Good luck hiding that monster on the way back to your room." I chuckled looking at his crotch as I activated the entrance scanner with my palm and entered my quarters. Glancing at him over my shoulder I turned slightly xvido and waved to him as the door shut behind me watching his face flush with embarrassment at his predicament. Entering the bathroom I stripped down and hopped xvideos video into the shower to scrub breakfast from my skin and hair. Finally feeling clean enough, I exited the shower and dried off. "Now.... What to wear... what to wear" I thought to my self as picked through the clothes slowly and then I realized what would be perfect. The clothing xvidio I had arrived in, I only hoped that they had been cleaned. They were still at the medical station on level twenty. I threw xvideos download on a shirt three sizes too big for xvideos video me and slipped x video.com on a pair of clean shoes, exited my quarters, and ran to the lift. I was practically naked, but everything essential was covered. Besides... I didn't want to keep my Bransen waiting. With the state I had left him in, there was no telling what he might do to alleviate the frustration, and I xvideos gays needed him 'intact' so to speak. The lift doors finally opened and I pressed the '20' button eight or nine times trying to rush the heap along its course. xvideos indonesia The lifts ascent finally xvideos free slowed and the doors opened as I jogged over to the monitor station where Chris was sitting. Chris was yet another specimen of beauty. He was nearly six foot tall with light brown hair that dusted the tops of his ears and neck. His sparkling green eyes shown love each time he glanced indian xvideos in the direction of Doc's office. He was more than just infatuated. He was in love. His jaw was more square than most, and sported a xvideos porn cleft in his chin. He didn't have the muscle many wwwxvideos.com of the x.videos others did. His body was simply lean www.xvideos com without the xvideos porno bulk of muscle that is built from too much work. "Hey... do you have those clothes that I was wearing when I xxxvideos first arrived?" I said almost desperately. "Certainly. They are right here as he pulled a box from beneath the counter labeled video x 'Khore'. "I don't suppose you had them cleaned did you?" I asked www xvideos afraid to hear the answer. "Not at first, no. It's policy to leave them as they are incase we need to investigate possible contamination from any DNA and debris we might find." He told me as my heart started to sink. "But..." he continued. "You were found perfectly fit so I had them cleaned." "Thank the xxx videos gods!" I thought to myself. "Thank you xvido so much!" I said beaming a smile at him. "You're a life saver." With that I pulled the clothes from the box and inspected them. They were clean and ready for use. Pulling my shirt over my head I got lost xvideos com in the tangle and couldn't video x manage to get the damn thing off! I heard a gasp come from Chris's direction. The fabric was bound up under one hd xvideos arm as I was in too much a hurry to change. Basically I was now stuck xvideos red there with my shirt hiked xvideos hentai up with my left elbow wedged and suspended at xvide xvido head level while my lower abs and below were completely exposed. Yeah... it was ALL hanging out and on display. "Hey... do you think you xxvideo could give me a hand?" I said as I still fought against www.xvideo.com the fabric. A moment passed and he began tugging on the sleeves of the shirt and finally was able to break it loose from my body. "Thanks a lot." I said grinning at him now completely nude watching his eyes as they kept making return visits to my crotch. "You did see the video didn't you?" I asked as I desi xvideos xxvideo grabbed the clean clothing from the box and wrapped it around me fastening it at the waist. "Yeah." He said in a daze still looking at me. "But it's not the same as seeing it xvideos teen in person." Most porn xvideos obviously referring to my cock. I chuckled and he seemed to snap out of www.xvideos.com his trance blushing. "Sorry." He said staring now at the desk top full of paperwork. "Don't be." I paused. "It is flattering to know that others find me attractive, or at least parts of me." I xvideos gays laughed. "Could I ask you a big favor?" I pleaded. x-videos "Could you keep this shirt and those things until tomorrow? I have to meet someone and xvideos hd I'm already running late." "For that... I would keep these clothes for an eternity." He said with a wicked grin as his blue eyes sparkled at me. "Great thanks!" I said as I raced back to x videos the lift. xvide "You're a life saver" I belted out as the door to the lift opened and I slipped inside immediately pushing the '30' button over and over again as the lift doors seemed to move slower than normally to close taunting me. I suppose that is the way of things... xxxvideo xvideos anal When we are in a rush... everything takes ten x video.com times longer to happen. Its life's way of saying 'relax'. I didn't want to relax though... I had a hot body attached to the man I loved xvideo com that I wanted to attend to. Checking myself in the reflection of the door I straitened xvideos gay the garment I was xvideos indonesia wearing. It was a tunic of sorts, a large opalescent shirt, open xvideo.com at the chest that tapered and belted at the waist with just enough japanese xvideos fabric to conceal your 'interest' going only as free xvideos low as mid thigh level. Straitening myself the doors opened and I walked quickly to where Bransen's quarters were. His quarters were just down the hall from my own and to the left. I made my way there without running and finally arriving I gave myself one last primp before hitting his call x video button placing my hand on the entrance scanner to identify myself. The doors opened immediately as Bransen stood waiting behind the door. "I wondered if you..." He paused... "You are beautiful!" he said moving his eyes across my body from head to xvidios toe. Scanning him from top to bottom I was more than impressed. He had chosen a xxvideos two piece work out set of black silk tamil xvideos that draped obscenely across his muscles. It seemed to caress his skin xvieos with each movement xvidos and I was nearly jealous of it. It was open at the shoulders much like my own and tapered into a V where it was belted at his waist. Then a pair of black shiny silk xvideos .com pants covered him from hip to ankle. Returning my eyes to his face after glancing down his body xvieos I lifted my hand to his head running the xvidios tips of xvideos video my xvideos tamil fingers xvedio through the soft blond shoulder xvedios length xvedio hair at his temples. It curled just enough to xvideos in wrap around my xvids fingers as I explored it. He was perfect in my eyes. His powder blue eyes and high cheekbones tilted as I brushed his sweet plump pink lips with my own. His square jaw framed his face which peaked at his slightly upturned nose xvideos 2 all of which was center to his slightly curly blond hair. Everything xvideos .com below that was a mass of writhing moving muscle. His thick neck rode into broad powerful shoulders to chiseled pecs dotted with small nipples. He had desi xvideos that middle muscle body, that was not too big or too small, but beautiful by its simple but powerful lines that xvideo com tapered to his hips. xvidoes His thighs were massive and graduated down to strong calves separated by a very ample concealed cock I had committed to memory. He was perfect in my mind, and my heart craved him. "So do I get to come in? Or are you going to make me stand out here?" a grin on my face. "Come in! Come x video in!" he repeated as he moved to wwwxvideos.com allow me access. "I was thinking we could train in xvedios Hydroponics on Level four. What do you xxx videos think?" I asked as www.xvideo I pressed against him letting my fingertips trail across his neck. Reaching around me letting his hand slide gently down the curve of my back and cupping my ass, "I think that sounds like an excellent Idea" he said as he pulled me a bit more into his hard body. Trailing my fingers along x video his strong arms I stretched to reach his lips with my own and gave him a sweeping kiss on his lips xvideos red as I ran both hands through his mane of hair. xvideos in "Well then... We better get going." I whispered still making small delicate circles against his scalp. Nearly xvideos porn ripping my arm from its socket Bransen actived the exit and we left his quarters him yanking me quickly in tow to the lift. "Hey... hey!" I giggled... "Be gentle." I felt his grasp on xvideos japan my wrist loosen as he continued to drag me toward the lift hitting the call button. When the lift doors opened, we entered and he slapped the four button in passing as he pressed me against the wall grinding into me before the doors had even begun to xvideos.com close. I wanted it so badly as I xvidos felt him press into me, but reluctantly pushed him back grinning. "Lesson One. Control" I said panting. We separated as the lift porn xvideos slowed to a stop and we exited with him leading me by the hand. xxxvideos Even the way his hand engulfed mine was sensual as we xvideos teen let our loose fin